'Help us help others' - 50-plus pups rescued by new Ōtara animal shelter

By Waimanea Nuri

A brand new animal shelter has already rescued over 50-plus puppies in the midst of the Auckland floods this year.

Hine Kapia is from Ōtara and wants to help families with animals in South Auckland and says it has been her dream to help others, especially animals in her community.

"My family and I established this rescue in January just to serve the South Auckland community and since we are a brand new company, we are trying our best to keep focused on purely helping the animals."

She describes one of their daily challenges as maintaining the number of volunteers, whether they are people who physically come in and help out or people who support in other ways.

“We need others to help us help others and that's just the reality of being part of such an organisation.

“We know too well what the struggle is like to provide for our animals, with the rising living costs. It's like everything just got a lot harder not just for ourselves but for everyone in New Zealand."

Kapia says it is difficult to help everyone but is hopeful that her rescue group is able to continue supporting families and rescuing animals in need throughout this year.

“This week we have started to do deliveries, as some families have no transportation due to the latest floods in Auckland and so we encourage everyone, if you are in a position to help anyone or your local rescue shelters, please do so we can continue to do our jobs as best as we can for our communities.”