Highlights: 'Not frustrated, disappointed', says Brown after back-to-back losses

By Kelvin McDonald
Credit / nrl.com

Warriors coach Nathan Brown was doing more than holding his head when fronting media, he was firing with both barrels on Saturday evening - following a second consecutive loss for the New Zealand side, this time a narrow 20-18 loss to the Gold Coast Titans.

"Really poor. Not good enough, if you want to win games," Brown told media at the post-match press conference.

"We're past trying to develop players, we want to win bloody games of footie - and that was just not acceptable." 

"Obviously, good effort to get back in the game and then again get to the front like we did last week.

"Then we had two young outside backs drop the ball with the line open, just purely and simply because they didn't get back deep enough.

"Really disappointing," he said. "That's not the standard of first-grade football."

Brown said the young players need to understand the consequences of "not getting it right".

"It costs you games and it makes us all feel down and sour."

Warriors captain Addin Fonua-Blake appeared concerned that too much criticism of the team's youngsters could have a detrimental effect.

"We don't want to shoot those sort of boys, their confidence, we want them playing footie when they see things in front of them. But we just need to sort of learn when it's time to build pressure and when it's time to have a crack."

Perhaps taking his cue from Fonua-Blake's more encouraging words, Brown maintained he was not "frustrated".

"I'm not frustrated, I'm disappointed. Because I know that some of those guys could have done a little better than what they did today in those situations." 

Brown said he did not feel any side was 'superior' to the other - the Titans just took their chances.

"Who deserved to win? I'm not sure."

The Warriors coach maintains both sides have improved since last season. 

"They're a better team and I think we're a better team - but we're still on nought points," Brown said.

The Warriors' next game is away to West Tigers on Friday.