Highlights from NZ Fashion Week

By Taroi Black

2016 has marked another successful year for fashion in New Zealand. And as we draw close to the end of the event in Auckland we reflect on the week that has given many Māori fashion enthusiasts a chance to have a bit of fun.

From the runway to backstage, from fashion icons to fashionista's, to the photographers that capture the essence of the event.

Fashion Enthusiast Mika says, “The great thing about fashion, Māori are everywhere. Kiri Nathan, Black Magazine run by Rachael and Grant and the list just goes on and on and on.” 

The New Zealand Fashion Week has given spectators something to talk about.

Luke Bird, Spectator, says, “That was a kapow show.”

Te Kāea teamed up with Fashion PR Karin Horen who took it to another level.

Fashion week attendees were wowed with the garments on display.

“It's all about glitter and glamour. Fabulousness absolutely fabulousness.”

Like any other fashion show, the expectations are high.

Te Kāea asked designers and participants about their experiences on the day

“Everything went well and I'm happy because my stomach was in a knot,” says Te Rua Wallace, Miss World NZ 2015.

Designer Brooke Strang says, “Yeah it was surprisingly we were feeling organised. We enjoyed it.”

We can't forget about fashion designer Kharl Wirepa from Rotorua, who's always quick off the mark, shedding light on this unique experience. 

Wirepa says, “The messages behind those dresses is to be strong, fabulous without apology. Unapologetic glamour. You know I got this coat on today and people might think I'm wearing this jacket just for fashion week catwalk, oh no I wear this to the supermarket. This is an everyday look, I do it all the time and I don't care. I wear it every day and it's all about just being you, you want to be fabulous, you want a sex change whatever. Be you be cool, be a good person and you will survive.”

2016 has definitely reached another level of achievements in fashion for New Zealand.