Hike to Chunuk Bair to mark ancestors' sacrifice

By Taroi Black

More than 2000 New Zealanders up to the age of 92 endured the cold night and steep climb to Chunuk Bair in Turkey to mark the sacrifice of many soldiers of the Wellington Battalion 100 years ago. The New Zealanders held for two days during the Gallipoli campaign.

Kiwis and Australians walked up to the summit where their forebears died a century ago.

They followed the route taken by 760 soldiers of the Wellington Battalion during WWI.

It's said the Battle for Chunuk Bair was chaos and ended in bloodshed with only 70 making it down unwounded.

After a reading by NZ Prime Minister John Key, Prince Harry read extracts from a letter written by an unidentified member on August 17, 1915.

The Last Post from the bugle brought ashore in WWI heralded the start of one minute of silence.