Hikoi against TPPA sends loud message from Māori

By Dean Nathan

The main street of Kaitaia was crowded for the arrival of the march from Cape Reinga.

Mana Party Leader, Hone Harawira says, “The TPPA is a new treaty or covenant by which government can steal, usurp our sovereign rights.  So I'm calling on the public to be united to retain our sovereign rights and not just sit hopelessly allowing it to happen.”

The march may have only just begun but it’s already attracting support from a diverse range of groups.

Marcher Koroi Moa Rupapera says, “They are talking to themselves and have forgotten that there were people here before them.  Which poses the question, who are these people to trample over our rights?”

And Heeni Hoterene says, “This march is bringing a whole range of diverse groups together all in opposition to the TPPA.”

The final destination for the march is Auckland where they plan to join another march on Thursday to oppose the signing of the TPPA.

Harawira says, “If the horse has already bolted then it’s our Prime Minister who opened the gate and that’s the issue.  We must get rid of him and create a Māori government and a Māori parliament that will rid us of this deal that is no good for this country or its people.”