Hinerangi Goodman will return to challenge 2022 mayoral race

By Taroi Black

Hinerangi Goodman has decided to ‘concede and bow out’ from her court proceedings against the Whakatāne District Council. The former Māori journalist also confirmed she will run again in 2022 to challenge for the mayoral position.

In a statement Goodman says, “I will return in 2022 to challenge the Mayoral position and also the seat of Councillor for Galatea-Murupara ward. My intention is to bring the heart back to Murupara (just like the vibrant bustling).”

Goodman lost in a recount after winning the seat over Alison Silcock in a tie-break which was determined by a ballot drawn from a hat.

“After weeks of local body election processes and having sought legal advice I have decided to concede and bow out graciously.”

A Givealittle fund was set up by Goodman to raise funds, achieving a total amount of $1821.00 in donations, which will now be used to pay for her lawyer and the remaining funds will be donated to a Christmas event for Murupara kids.  

She describes the experience as ‘random’ after a recount was ordered by Silcock when she was declared the winner and then sworn in as a councillor.

In her statement, the former Māori candidate explained the district council for Whakatāne were under pressure to have their annual report approved and required all councillors sworn in.

“The race was far from over and I have become the casualty of such rash decisions.”

However, Goodman said the journey has been ‘special’ after working with a team who she claims were interested in being a strong voice for issues such as inequality that impacts on their local wards, she says.

“I firmly believe Whakatāne District Council has a duty of care, in that it must carefully consider how it passes judgement and give assurance that the process be much clearer to all participants.”