Hineuru sign Deed of Settlement after 25 years

By Ripeka Timutimu

Twenty five years after filing their treaty claims, Hineuru has signed their Deed of Settlement.  The small iwi of the Te Haroto region have had a hard road to settlement and elders say this day has been a long time coming.

Their ancestors didn't sign the Treaty, and they’re left near landless.  But that hasn't stopped Ngāti Hineuru making the wrongs right.

Around 300 of the iwi descended upon Parliament today.

Te Reo Spooner says, “I’m very very… I just want to cry.  My thoughts are with those that have passed on.”

With tribal lands (CNI area), Ngāti Hineuru have negotiated a healthy settlement.  They will receive $27 million in financial and commercial redress and the handing back of significant sights in their area.

Piripi Prentice says, “One may say, what price can be repaid for injustices that the minister speaks of.  My grandmother said the crown has heavy pockets to pay for our treaty claims.”

Most importantly though, their new found wealth will allow their tamariki mokopuna to thrive in the future.

Te Reo Spooner says, “We must continue to build on the work of our ancestors so that the younger generations can benefit.”

So only time will tell whether or not the aspirations of the older generation now will be met in the future.