Hokianga artists to take the fore

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

Radical, thought provoking and interesting. All relevant keywords used by the general public in describing a new art exhibition bought to life by a collection of Māori artists, with an intrinsic lineage connection in common which has been named "He Whakaputanga Mai o Te Rangatiratanga"

Maureen Lander, Toi-Te-Rito Maihi and Michelle Morunga are just a few of the twelve artists that have contributed to the collaborative collection, all of which have tribal affiliations to Hokianga.

According to Heiwari Johnson, “the artists hadn’t spoken to each other prior to the show, however when you pull the work together you just have this unified voice” and this is essentially what is described as the true beauty of the art on display.

Heiwari is one of the twelve Hokianga artists associated with the show, and is also the head curator, and if there was anything the descendant of Te Tai Tokerau wanted the viewership to take away from the exhibition, is something more abstract.

“What does sovereignty mean to us as Māori in this contemporary context today?” questions Heiwari.

"He Whakaputanga Mai o Te Rangatiratanga" has its grand premier tonight in Devonport, Auckland.