Hokianga say they will speak for themselves

By Dean Nathan

Hokianga will speak for themselves was the message today to Crown representatives at a meeting called by hapū to clarify their stance on the Crowns continued support of Tūhoronuku as the preferred vehicle to settle Ngāpuhi claims.

It was a meeting called by the hapū of Hokianga to meet in person with the Office of Treaty Settlements.

Hapū are keen to extend talks with the Crown on its continued strong support of Tūhoronuku as the mandated body to settle their treaty claims.

Last month the Waitangi Tribunal called an urgent hearing into the process by which Government granted Tūhoronuku a mandate to settle satisfied it has seen significant evidence that the process has created irreversable prejudice against respective hapu claimants.

Like Hokianga, the respective districts within Ngāpuhi are keen to meet in person with the Crown on this issue.