Home win for Mark Hunt

By Te Rina Kowhai

Kiwi fighter Mark Hunt has defeated American Derrick Lewis in round 4 of the UFC Fight Night 110 at the Spark Arena in Auckland. Te Kāea caught up with Hunt this morning amongst his family and friends before his victorious fight. 

Unleashing wrath onto his own turf. The Super Samoan won his first ever UFC fight in front of a home crowd.

Despite being the oldest fighter in the competition, the 'Super Samoan' slammed' 'The Black Beast' ending his sixth fight winning streak. 

Full of confidence Hunt pre-empted his win.

Mark Hunt says, "I should be done by 2.30pm, laundry closes at 3 o'clock so hopefully get my washing by then."

Prior to the fight, the veteran said this is the best he's prepped.

Hunt says, "We had up to all the way up until a couple of days out for weight in so pretty good. Because normally I'll be sweating like a slave in the sauna, like the rest of the guys trying to lose weight. But it's been good this time."

With all eyes on Hunt this afternoon, he hopes to leave a lasting impression.

Hunt says, "Oh man, I hope you enjoy the show. Those budding athletes boys and girls that want to be fighters make sure that's what you want to be. Before you start the journey, it's not an easy one, but it's something that you got to be all in, not half in, but all in."

With four fights left on his contract, Hunt moves up the ranking from #7 to #6.