Homeless pair resolve to fight synthetic cannabis addiction in 2020

By Kereama Wright

WARNING: This article and its accompanying video describes drug use and contains coarse language. Viewers discretion is advised.

George Mohi and Kamaea Thompson spent the last decade on the streets. But their new years resolutions will potentially be life changing. 

"I want to quit synthetic cannabis and get a home" says Thompson. 

"I'm tired of being on the street. Coz I'm in a wheelchair, I have spina bifida, one leg, and fits. I'm just tired, I'm 40, I need to get into a house and start living."

Mohi who has been homeless for almost forty years says he has never been fan of new years resolutions. But wants to quit.

"I've been doing drugs and alcohol most of my life and I've conquered alcohol, its just this synthetics crap now."

Since Thompson started smoking eleven years ago she has developed epilepsy, which leads to multiple seizures daily. 

Now I'm a epileptic. I wasn't born with it. I have fits. Through my smoking synthetics. 

The pair say they smoke around thirty $20 bags daily among a small group of other homeless people. They use money gathered by begging along with benefits.  

A report by the Chief Coroner states, associated 40 to 45 deaths to synthetic cannabis. A large proportion of whom were living on the streets.  

Mohi say's he has seen it first hand. "I've had four of my friends." [So this is why you want to get off it so bad?] "It needs to stop, our kids are starting to smoke it. The youngest one I've seen, about seven."

Thompson has tried for two years to quit. But she is determined to make it happen this year. 

"It's going to be very difficult, because I start "feening" as soon as I finish my bag. I want another one and I'll do anything to get it."

"It's for me, and my nieces and my nephews and my moko, doing it for them as well."

The pair say they welcome any help they can get.