Homes still without power in Taupō and Puketitiri after snowfall

Power has been restored to 70 homes in parts of Northern Hawke's Bay. However, hundreds are still without power in parts of Taupō and Puketitiri after massive snowfall in the weekend.

Officials are working around the clock to restore damaged power lines.

Line Mechanic Foreman Josh Wairama told Te Kāea, “We're basically just trying to get people's power back on, customers are out, people want their power, it's quite dangerous as well so public safety is probably number one concern as well, power to the people.”

But having no power is not all doom and gloom for some locals.

Local resident Pam Turner said, “It's just something you learn to cope there's candles in the cupboard there's ways and means of heating, got the gas heater on at the moment to keep the bird warm.”

Locals here say they haven't seen snow like this in 20 years. Heavy snow in the weekend brought down power lines. Though the remote area has made restoring power a challenge, it's not impossible.

Wairama says, “All the snow is hard yards to get at ya you know, so I don't know, we're trying out best and doing the mahi as best we can.”

But locals are prepared for the winter wonderland, using generators until power is back on again in a few days.