Hot Brown Honeys address sticky topics

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

A group of Indigenous women are taking the theatre world by storm with their unapologetic performance. “Hot Brown Honey” are a group which discusses sticky issues affecting indigenous women.

Kim Bowers says, “Hot Brown Honey is what it is, like we're all hot, we're all Brown and we're all Honeys and we undress sticky topics.

I mean we're touching on topics that sometime aren't talked about too much whether it be from our own cultural background, or us shining a light on what's going on for all of us in society or the world at the moment in its current state.”

Hot Brown Honeys was created because of a lack of indigenous women in the theatre industry in Australia.

Matehaere Hope Haami says, “You can expect a lot of Hip-hop music, a lot of fierce women empowerment, you can expect us to touch on a lot of sticky topics and touching on things and being very confronting and unapologetic about how we are gonna say it and what we want to say.”

Matehaere was ranked fourth in the world at the Beat Boxing World Championships, now she's making beats to a new project.

Haami says, “I'm the beat boxer in it and I represent the gender fluid, gay community in our show.”

Hot Brown Honeys will feature tonight at Auckland's Pride festival before their show next Tuesday.