Hotere and Goldie works up for auction

The works are expected to fetch over half a million dollars at Webb's auction house in Auckland.

Te Kāea took a look at the finer details of these historic paintings.

Hotere and Goldie are two of this country's most respected artists. Te Kāea was priviledged enough to get a private viewing of some of Ralph Hotere's collection and this collection is what experts can't stop talking about.

Buyers here know how precious these pieces are with some fetching up to $200,000 a piece.

The auction directors say this is an exclusive piece that few people have seen.

Both Hotere and Atama Papārangi appear to be frozen in time, but there's another connection here that not even the curator knows about, both were buried at the same cemetery on Mt Hione in Mitimiti.

Reporter: Wepiha Te Kanawa.