House values rise in Te Ika a Māui region

It's not only Auckland experiencing house price increases, but the regions are getting their fair share as well. Regional property growth in places like Hawke's Bay has seen properties sold in a matter of weeks and sometimes only days.

Whether it's a million dollar property or not, everywhere you look in Hawke's Bay there are sold signs.

Property Broker, Leon Tukiri says “The market down here is real strong probably in the last six months we've seen a real shift in the market and it's really lifted.”

Figures show that house valuations across the country are on the rise. Like Napier and Hastings, they are up nearly 10% or more.

“I think all the regions are starting to feel the flow on effect from Auckland and people looking outside of those areas so I think the regions are really starting to look up,” says Tukiri.

A shortage of houses with an increase in demand means houses down here take around three weeks to sell.

Tukiri’s says he’s done well this month, “I've sold to a few over the last few months to people that have moved down from Auckland sold their house come in, buy a freehold house, doesn't cost them nearly as much as Auckland and their comfortable and their kids are going to good schools.”

Though most regions are benefiting from Auckland, those closest to it like Hamilton and Tauranga have increased more than 22% each.