Housing crisis fund overlooks regions

Labour MP for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti Meka Whaitiri says the voice of the provinces is not being heard in the housing crisis. She says rural towns like Maraenui in Napier are being overlooked in John Key's $1bil housing fund.

After six months of struggle, this family finally has a place to call home.

Mother Dee Kireka says, “The struggles were hard it was six months of waiting on an emergency waiting list, we weren't getting anywhere we were moved from four different whares in the six months we'd been back at home our last whare we were living in was a batch me and my children.”

Dee’s cousin Whaiao Kireka says, “It's a lot of stress and mamae on the whānau who can't get into homes or they're homeless or in an overcrowded home. There needs to be a system set up that is approachable and a lot easier for them.”

John Key's $1bil housing loan to councils in high demand housing areas aims to speed up the construction process. However, it's no help to the regions with high housing registers.

Napier has one of the highest social housing registers in the country. With 96 state house units demolished, it needs houses.

“Doesn't look like any homes are going to be built there anytime soon again working with the Napier City Council needs to put more pressure on this government to get some funding so we can see homes built in places like Napier,” says Whaitiri.

With so many having housing hardships, Dee, and her children are just thankful to have a roof over their heads.