Housing New Zealand aims to reduce driveway accidents

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

Housing New Zealand has over 14,000 houses that are being targeted for safety improvements to help reduce the risk of driveway accidents. 

Six children are killed in driveway accidents every year in New Zealand. The extent of this issue is that almost every two weeks a young child is involved in a driveway accident.

According to Neil Adams (General Manager Tenancy Services Auckland), “The purpose of this project was to find ways to further reduce if not eliminate both child drive way fatalities and injuries.”

Properties with driveways in urban cities are most prone to accidents due to being closely situated together and having shared driveways.

Mr Adams says, “As at the end of October 2015, Housing New Zealand had made improvements to 10,802 properties with a further 3,000 planned for the remainder of this financial year, bringing the total to around 13,800 properties.”

The Government has invested $30 million dollars over 4 years to help improve safer driveways of Housing New Zealand properties and reduce the risk of accidents.