How Covid-19 numbers stack up for Māori

By Contributor

By Māori health researcher Dr Rawiri Taonui, in partnership with Te Ao Māori News.

  • Māori make up 27 of the 55 new cases today (49 %).
  • Māori make up the highest case numbers for the 10th day in a row.
  • Māori have ranked at the top of all case numbers 14 times over the past 15 days since a surge in Māori cases began on September 29.
  • The high percentage of daily Māori cases is also driving up other numbers.
  • Māori are 45% of all cases since Auckland went to Alert Level 3 on September 22.
  • Māori are 45% of all cases in MIQ.
  • On September 1 Māori comprised nearly 6% of all cases in the Delta outbreak. They now make up 25.4% of all cases.

Māori demographic

  • Māori are 16.7% of the population.
  • Māori cases passed the 16.7% mark on September 29.
  • Māori cases passed the combined total of Pākehā, Asian, and MELAA cases on September 30.

Māori Vaccination

  • Only 36.7% of all Māori are fully vaccinated.
  • Only 21.1% of Māori have had one dose of the vaccine.
  • The total for one vaccine or fully vaccinated New Zealanders is 79.9%
  • Māori are 72.2% of this total. This is a significant increase in mid-August when numbers for Māori were as low as 52% of the national total.


The Heath Service User Index

  • The vaccination numbers are lower than the official numbers from the Ministry of Health.
  • The ministry uses figures from the Health Service User Index (HSU).
  • The HSU numbers are based on those who have used the health system over the past year.
  • This excludes those who are extremely healthy, do not trust the health system or were unable to afford to see a doctor.
  • This totals about 4% or about 200,000 of the population. Many are Māori and Pacific.

Vaccination progress

  • At 27% Māori have the highest increase in the rate of vaccination uptake since September 15.
  • The rate of Māori vaccination is 80% higher than for Pākehā.

Risk of infection and hospitalisation

  • Delta targets the unvaccinated.
  • The unvaccinated are 19.3 times more likely to be infected.
  • The unvaccinated are 43.0  times more likely to be hospitalised.
  • These numbers are for the general population. The risk to Māori is much higher.
  • Māori are 2.5 times more likely to die. Māori over 60 years of age are four times more likely to die.

Kia haumaru te noho | Stay safe.

Dr Rawiri Taonui.