How did the Tai Hauāuru candidates fare in political debate?

By Heeni Brown

According to the polls from the Te Tai Hauāuru voters, there are no issues with the Māori Party sitting at the table with National.

And leading horse Chris McKenzie is quick to stop the host in her tracks.

Adrian Rurawhe is quick to decipher the numbers in Māori Television's Reid Research Poll Results for Te Tai Hauāuru, where 500 Te Tai Hauāuru eligible voters with landlines took part in it, that had a margin of error plus or minus of 4.38%.

The latest results show that there are more than 31,000 eligible to vote in Te Tai Hauāuru electorate, but it is estimated that the number of people who will actually vote will be far less than that.

So the question is, what can these candidates do to change these results?

While Green's Jack McDonald maybe the youngest in the debate, he was not afraid to tackle what the poll suggests that family violence was the most important issue for the electorate.

With his biggest push, to get voters to vote for his party so that Te Tai Hauāuru can have two MPs for the region.

While Jordan Winiata might have only been in his seat for a week, he has still managed to grab a few votes, and was very clear at towing MANA's party line.

As the Te Tai Hauāuru debate comes to an end, the Te Waiariki debate rises.  On Monday, the Māori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell, MANA's Annette Sykes and Labour's Rawiri Waititi will take the floor on Kōwhiri 2014.