Human Rights Committee weighs in on Kiwi detainee debate in Australia

By Heta Gardiner

Parliament's human rights committee has weighed in on the debate about New Zealanders being detained in Australia before being extradited back to New Zealand. 

The committee will make recommendations, and release statements, but the Government is not bound by any obligation to take heed. 

A call from protesters went out to the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.  This is the second protest on this issue in as many days. 

This one coming on the very day Turnbull arrives in New Zealand. 

Makere Hokianga was one of the protesters.  Her nephew is being detained in Australia until his deportation. 

The issue has found political backing from all corners of the house.  It was Marama Fox from the Māori Party who was protesting yesterday. 

Labour's Kelvin Davis has gone to Sydney to make more enquiries.  Now the Green Party are getting in on the act. 

Marama Davidson says, "A duty of care to remember that those are our own people, and if we don't stand up for them, who will?"

All sides are crying foul, except the side that matters.  Formal discussions between John Key and Malcolm Turnbull will start tomorrow.

This will no doubt be one issue high on the agenda.