Hunt pummelled by Miocic in UFC 65

"The old warhorse got beaten up" - words from Mark Hunt himself on a bruised up selfie posted last night to Facebook following his painful loss to Stipe Miocic in the headliner match for the UFC Fight Night 65 in Adelaide Australia.

It was clear that Miocic went in with a plan to get Hunt off his feet, attempting a takedown in the first two minutes of round one.

By about the fourth minute, Miocic landed the takedown and remained on top of Hunt for most of the rest of the round, pounding away at Hunt bit by bit.

Again into the second, Miocic secured another takedown, with short left hooks doing damage.

In fact, throughout most of the fight, Miocic kept Hunt pinned to the floor as much as he could pumelling his face enough to close both eyes by the fourth.

Again Miocic lands another takedown and Hunt tries numerous times to get up.  The "Super Samoan's" ability to absorb such huge punches from the biggest guys in the sport is what keeps MMA fans in awe of Hunt.

Although Hunt was checked by a doctor at the end of the fourth, it was the referee who finally ended the fight in the fifth and final round, but fans have asked why did it take him so long to do so?

In a pre-fight interview with Te Kāea, when asked how long did he want to do this, Hunt replied, "I'll do it as long as I'm still beating the best fighters in the world, my goal is to be the world champion."

While the 41-year-old fighter is yet to confirm his next move from here, hints at retirement may be ignored.