"I think it's pōrangi to be honest"

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

If you're thinking about streaking, think again - says security guard Hira Newton from Maniapoto, who has been dealing with streakers for 10 years. 

"I've got morals, I've got kids and I wouldn't want to take them to an event where they can see a guy running around naked, so I'd probably tackle him even if I wasn't a security guard just because I have girls.  I really despise them, I think it's pōrangi to be honest."

With a rugby league background, Hira Newton specialises in security, dealing with streakers at public events.  On one occasion at a certain rugby competition, he completed over 50 tackles before lunch.

"The last one I did was kind of sad because all the guys that were meant to tackle couldn't tackle at all...so I had to come on and show them how it's done."

Newton has been in security for 10 years.  He sees his role as a kaitiaki and as a positive path to enable Māori.

"The fact that I can bring whānau in, show them a new life- stuff they've never seen before, watching them excel, getting their security license, it's humbling to watch them move on to other security companies, or even higher."

Newton has a message for potential streakers.

“For streakers, I think it's silly, if they want to streak there's other places they can do it.  It's 2019, why do you want to do that silly stuff for?  I think it's disgusting to be honest.”

He says it's about keeping families safe and allowing people to enjoy the occasion.