“I want to dedicate this to all indigenous kids”

By Te Ao - Māori News
Taika Waititi with his Oscar. Source - Gettys

Taika Waititi won the Oscar for best adapted screen play at the 92nd Academy Awards and dedicated the award to indigenous kids around the world. During his acceptance speech Waititi said:

“I want to dedicate this to all indigenous kids around the world who want to do our art, and dance and write stories, we are the original story tellers.”

Jojo Rabbit is a satire of a youngster in the Hitler Youth, whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler. Waititi plays the role of Hitler, in a salute to his Jewish ancestors.

To promote the film, Waititi created a meme of the German language film 'The Bunker', which recounts Hitlers' last days in Berlin.

Taika Waititis' 'The Bunker' meme. Source - YouTube,