Immoral living not the cause of earthquakes - Anglican Archbishop

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

The Anglican Church does not support the comments made by Bishop Brian Tamaki's sermon. Māori Archbishop William Brown Turei says earthquakes are not caused by immoral living.

Sunday's sermon by Bishop Brian Tamaki has caused concern amongst the Anglican church.

Archbishop William Brown Turei says, “The country we live in is on a fault line, therefore, we will experience earthquakes. So I really disagree that earthquakes are caused by the immorality of people.”

The Destiny Church leader spoke to his followers on Sunday before the 7.8 earthquake struck after midnight on Monday.

Mataatua Archdeacon Te Waaka Melbourne, “Bishop Brian was quoting from the old testament. That was the role of the prophets to turn the people to God, consecrate them and guide them to God.”

Bishop Tamaki's sermon made reference to the Christchurch earthquakes as a judgement from God.

“God will judge, but God is compassionate, so regardless of our view about that, there's a time that God will instruct us all.  But this isn't a judgement from God that he's made upon us,” says Archbishop Brown Turei.

“But Jesus came with the compassion of God, for us all, not to save the land or stop earthquakes,” says Archdeacon Te Waaka Melbourne.

Te Kāea made repeated requests to speak with Bishop Tamaki today, but he declined.