Indigenous Runway Project ready to wow in Taranaki tomorrow

The Indigenous Runway Project designers and crew have been in Taranaki all week in preparation for the show tomorrow.

Thirteen indigenous internationals along with seven Māori designers will showcase their works tomorrow night in the Indigenous Runway Project being held in New Plymouth. 

Today's discussion was about sharing experiences between indigenous cultures.

Puhi Nuku says, “That connection between people, you see it here and it's overwhelming.”

Since Monday, the indigenous runway project has been based here at Owae Marae in Waitara.

Mahau Waru says, “We acknowledge our ancestor Maui Pomare.  This is the 89th since his passing.  His platform was to bring life back here and this project is something good for our children, grandchildren entering on the runways.”

The concept of the Indigenous Runway Project originated from Australia, however the founder Tina Waru, who is of Te Atiawa and Taranaki descent, says merging cultures together has brought the project here.

Waru says, “Being part of the history of coming from whānau and our tūpuna that leaves all these taonga here you know and their mahi that they have done and knowing that you come from all of that and seeing the amazing stuff we do but also seeing the stuff we miss out on.”

This is the first time that this project has come to the region of Taranaki and New Zealand.