Initiatives to protect Kiwis aren't enough

By Renee Kahukura-Iosefa

Even with all the initiatives in place here in Aotearoa helping to protect Kiwi its decline is still very much a concern.  These are the findings of Dr Marie Brown's Policy Analysis from the Environmental Defence Society. 

She says Government agencies need to work in partnership with Iwi Māori-based initiatives as this can have real benefits for the survival of Kiwi.

Who is responsible to help protect and ensure the survival of the Kiwi in its own environment?  These are the basis findings researched by Dr Marie Brown.

Dr Marie Brown says, “There are areas of recovery, there are areas of success, but the overall picture is of decline.”

Brown has taken an in depth analysis into the Kiwi.  She says although there are many 'Save the Kiwi' projects, their survival is still in decline.

“How do we get our biodiversity in a safer place?  How do we restore and recover what is already in trouble?” says Dr Brown.

The findings of her research outlines that a working partnership between Government agencies with their science-led initiatives and the conservation initiatives of Māori can be of great benefit to the survival of Kiwi.

Dr Brown says, “This is our taonga. These are the most important things to us.  They are here, they are nowhere else.”

In April, her findings will be released in her book, Vanishing Nature.