Internet Mana calls for independent review into GCSB

By Maiki Sherman

As Kim Dotcom took up the challenge from the locals at Waitangi, he laid a separate challenge to voters to see through what he says was an unjust finding by the IPCA in support of the decision by police not to prosecute the GCSB for illegally spying on 88 citizens.    

According to Kim Dotcom, “The message it sends is your rights means nothing, if the Govt want to take you down and wants to destroy you, they can do that.

Rights and laws don't matter, that's my lesson from the last two and a half years.”

Kim Dotcom was one of the 88 under illegal surveillance, his home was also raided.  In October, Green Party co-leader Russel Norman wrote to police asking it to prosecute. However, they concluded given there was no criminal intent it wasn't justified. 

Hone Harawira believes he and Annette Sykes along with John Minto were among the 88, which is why they're calling for an independent review of the GCSB. 

Harawira says, “It's not just that we want a review and for the matter to be looked into, we also want it legislated that police not be able to do this ever again.”

In part of their report, the IPCA concluded the matter was not for the police to judge but for the courts.  That has begged the question of how one could take a case to court given most of the names of those under surveillance remain confidential.  

Given Kim Dotcom is known to have been under illegal surveillance, the question is whether he will take the matter to court.

Dotcom states, "It's too early to say anything, I have to read the report in detail, right now I only have snippets so it's too premature."

On September 15, a public meeting will be held in Auckland by Kim Dotcom where he intends to unveil information he believes shows the injustice of his home being raided and the surveillance of him and his family.