Internet-MANA release candidate list

By Te Ao Māori News
Kim Dot Com and Hone Harawira, Internet-MANA

Unsurprisingly, Hone Harawira takes the top spot on the Internet-MANA candidate list, with Māori lawyer Annette Sykes and activist John Minto sitting in third and fourth spot.

MANA Motuhake have released their list which shows where their candidates sit in the Internet MANA arrangement.

The Internet Party leader, Laila Harre will take second spot.

Ikaroa-Rāwhiti candidate, Te Hamua Nikora is high on the list, as well as veteran environmentalist, Angelina Greensill, who has also run with the Māori Party in previous elections.

A notable absence is Te Tai Tonga candidate, Georgina Beyer, who has opted off the list to run as an electorate-only candidate.