Internet Mana roadshow meets Kaitaia

By Maiki Sherman

Kaitaia locals laid down the first challenge to the politicians as Kaitaia turned out in droves to hear what was on offer from the new party of their local MP, the Internet Mana. 

Capturing the youth vote is a big focus for Internet Mana.

They certainly attracted a lot of young faces to this meeting, but the challenge is holding their interest thereafter.

Here, Te Amohaere Rudolph is 15 years old, meaning she'll have to wait until next election to vote.

However, she's a prime example of the disconnect between young people and politics, though she's proof of the potential to capture their interest.       

It's clear to see the benefit in Mana's appointment of a youth ambassador, Wairangi Koopu, who was a big hit.    

He says to, "Register and vote, it's something which should be important to all of us, to ensure the voice of the youth is heard."

It's estimated about 5% of the Kaitaia community turned out for this meeting.

Internet Mana will be hoping it'll be the same result with voters come election.