Internet-MANA survival is up in the air according to polls

By Maiki Sherman

The survival of Internet-MANA is up in the air according to our Māori Television poll which shows there's just 1% between Hone Harawira and Kelvin Davis in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate.

The poll, starting with the party vote, shows Labour at 39%, Internet-MANA at 25%, National at 10%, and Māori Party and the Green Party both on 9%.  NZ First is sitting at 8%.

Candidate results show Hone Harawira is leading at 38%, Kelvin Davis follows closely at 37%, Te Hira Paenga 9%, and Clinton Dearlove 1%.

Those who are undecided currently sit at 9%, and those who wouldn't vote or won't be supporting one of these candidates, is 5%.

Our poll results have also shown a number of voters in Te Tai Tokerau still aren't sure about the relationship between MANA and the Internet Party.

One of the questions in our Māori Television poll was, Do you agree with the Internet-MANA coalition?

42.8% say yes, they agree.  However, 44.6% say no, they don't agree with the relationship.  12.6% Don't know.

Kaitaia is home to Hone Harawira, but is it home to Internet-MANA?

Thoughts are definitely divided.  Bella Nathan says she was phoned as part of the Māori Television poll and claims she's yet to be convinced.

Bella Nathan says, “I'm happy to support Hone, but I'm not sure about the Internet Party.”

However, voters in Kaitaia are well aware their economy is struggling and jobs are limited.  Meaning, they're not ignorant to what the partnership offers.

So that's the benefit, but at what cost? Labour's Kelvin Davis claims it's the sale of the seat, saying support for Hone Harawira has decreased because of it.

Just 1% divides the pair in our poll, a warning to the Internet Party who's relying on a win from Harawira to enter Parliament.

Yes, Laila Harre is sour over Māori Television's poll, despite having a sweet spot for a lolly poll.

 “If we are to believe the national polls then I will be taking at least another two people into Parliament with me, what's the downside of that?” says Hone Harawira.

This Saturday will see whether Harawira's deal for MANA pays off, or whether he'll be left to foot the bill.