Internet Party's Patrick Salmon to run for East Coast seat

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Internet Party has announced its candidate list, with one Māori making the cut.

The 27-year-old of Ngāti Awa descent is not only on the candidate list for the Internet Party, but will be standing in the East Coast seat.  He says his party has a lot to offer Māori.

Leader Laila Harré is relying on Te Tai Tokerau MP, Hone Harawira, to get them through, and said today she won't be telling voters what they should do.

But instead, offered advice on what they could do.

Rumours about candidates being paid were confirmed by Patrick, who said he would be submitting invoices over the next three months, and Laila says what's fair is fair.

When asked about the coat-tailing loophole, Patrick was quick to defend his party.

No doubt it will be an interesting ride for Patrick as he embarks on his journey into politics.