Intoxicated 9 year-old triggers local input

For two years Kirimāku Kihi Jnr, a youth drug and alcohol educator has worked within schools throughout the Hamilton district.  She says witnessing the effect that alcohol has on younger people in the area is saddening.

“It breaks my heart to see our young people drinking on the streets.”

After a clip was released on the internet of a drunken 9-year-old, the Māori MP for this area and its wider surroundings is concerned about the underlying nature of the incident.

According to Nanaia Mahuta, “There is no excuse really. It is a parent's responsibility to make sure their child is taken care of.”

Kirimāku says it can be a difficult time of the year for some families who are faced with returning to work and children are left attended to by whoever they can get.

Police have referred the case to the Ministry of Social Development who told Te Kāea they couldn't give us any details about the boy or family until they have completed their enquires.