'It felt like a dream' - Manurewa man

By Jessica Tyson

Manu Myer says it felt like a dream getting a lap dance from American singer Nikki Minaj at her concert in Auckland this week.

Myer, from Manurewa and Tainui, told Te Kāea, “It felt like a dream like maybe I would wake up soon.”

In a video posted to Facebook, Myer sits centre stage surrounded by an entourage of dancers while the singer performed her dance.

“She was so light when she sat on me and her behind was nice and soft, he says.

“It felt just like my partners, so yup, real.”

Minaj also whispered something in Myer’s ear.

“I will never reveal the words she whispered that night,” he says.

After the dance, Minaj asked where he was from.

“When I said Rewa, for some reason, I wasn't surprised how much support I’d get due to the reputation of the town being so popular already. But definitely proud to from Rewa,” he says.

Minaj also invited Myer’s partner to the stage to make sure she was okay with it.

“She was so happy for me,” he says.

Since the video was posted to Facebook it has been viewed more than 60,000 times and shared almost 700.

Myer says he’s also been getting a lot of attention following the “overwhelming” experience.

“Plenty of friend requests and my Facebook page is blowing up.”