It's illegal to advertise for a surrogate or egg donor in Queensland - Dr. Mary Birdsall

A fertility expert says the gay couple advertising for a Māori egg donor and surrogate should consider getting a different surrogate to carry their baby.

Fertility expert Mary Birdsall says having an egg donor who's also the surrogate, makes it difficult.

"If a surrogate carries a baby that isn't from her own eggs, it's possibly going to be a little easier for her to give that baby away."

Gay couple Baden and Nelson Marino-Hall advertised in New Zealand for a Māori egg donor.

Doctor Birsdall says, "They need to find their own surrogate, they can't pay her they can pay expenses around pregnancy but they can't entice her with a new car or 50 thousand dollars so most people have a personal relationship with their surrogate."

It's illegal to advertise for a surrogate or egg donor in Queensland.

"In Australia, every state has different rules around surrogacy and in Queensland, you can do surrogacy in certain circumstances but as intending parents, you're not allowed to advertise for a surrogate in Queensland."

Many Māori use their own family so solve fertility dilemmas.

"So we see Maori as an underrepresented in the population coming to see us requesting help to have babies."

The intending parents were unable to talk to us today.