It's a whānau affair for Te Arawa driver on D1NZ circuit

It's predicted over 10,000 people will converge at the Pukekohe Raceway this weekend for the last event of this year's D1NZ drifting circuit.

Te Kāea reporter Te Aorere Pēwhairangi caught up with a Te Arawa drifter Nico Reid who is ready to compete.

It's fast and it's furious, Reid is a D1NZ competitor.

He says, “Yeah feeling pretty confident, car has been going, can't wait to get out there and see what this weekend brings us.”

Reid found solace in the sport,  “I started on the street and it was getting me in to trouble.”

Glenn Mete Reid says, “We've always had fast cars and racing on the streets to be honest.  Got him off the streets, sold all his naughty toys shall we say and got a decent car and put him on the track where all the racing should be held.”

His cousins, father and uncle are his pit-crew, who helped him to a pro-am win when he was only 17.

Glenn Mete Reid says, “98% of us are family.  I don't think we could do it without each other you know, love the whānau.  We'll come from anywhere in the world to watch Nico race.”

At the last event held in Christchurch, Nico finished second.  

He's hoping on Sunday that he and his "Tanefa" can go one better.