Iwi Leaders warned to toe the line on climate change

By Ripeka Timutimu

The Government has warned the Iwi Leaders Forum to toe the party line on climate change or else.

Minister for Climate Tim Groser has written to the forum's climate change spokesperson, Dr Apirana Mahuika, instructing him to pull his advisors into line.

Minimal words, with huge meaning. The Government has firmly instructed the Iwi Leaders Forum to fall into line.

The person the Government wants to silence is Chris Karamea Insley.

In the past, Insley has been hugely critical of the Government and its climate change policies.

He says, “the Government has sat down and talked with these big emitters and effectively have sided with them because they’ve sat by.”

It's in his role as climate change advisor to Apirana Mahuika and the Iwi Leaders Forum that's causing distaste within the Government.

The Minister goes on to say he is upset with Mr Insley's 'sustained criticism' of the Government's record, and with statements like Insley has made, It's no wonder there is angst.

“The Government failed to block international units coming into New Zealand and the price of carbon collapsed, as Iwi we lost 600 million dollars.”

He says Iwi Leaders have tried to discuss these issues in depth with the Government for years but to date they have not yet been given that opportunity.

Apirana Mahuika was unable to comment on this issue today, but this will no doubt be  talking point at upcoming forum.