Iwi must step up to domestic violence

By Ripeka Timutimu

Another baby has died at the hands of an abuser, and a Northland leader says enough is enough, iwi need to step up.

Te Rarawa leader Haami Piripi says, "If our iwi wants to help everyone, then there's a role for them to help regarding this issue."

The Iwi Leaders' Forum has addressed issues like water rights, but has stayed away from delving into this issue. 

According to the People's Report, the Govt should give weight to Māori solutions, and there are some programmes that Māori have fronted.

Te Arawa elder Toby Curtis says, "In Rotorua, Te Arawa works alongside Police to find out where the problems are."

Mr Piripi says, though he empathises with victims of abuse, the abusers should also be paid some thought.  That even though it's their victims who have suffered, the abusers are at the crux of the problem.