Iwi praised for new housing development

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Iwi have been praised for using their asset base to ease the Auckland housing shortage.

49 new rental homes are being opened for New Zealand Defence personnel and their whānau in Whenuapai.  

The iwi housing project has been developed by a Pare Hauraki and Te Tumu Kāinga partnership.

More than 100 defence personnel will land a new home under the iwi development. 

Pare Hauraki spokesperson Paul Majurey says, "It's us being part of a partnership bringing houses to the Defence Force.  A lot of our people, Māori people are part of the Defence Force and that's important to us." 

A quarter of the homes were opened today with the rest being opened in the development at Whenuapai in July.

The homes will be leased by Pare Hauraki and Te Tumu Kāinga to the Defence Force for staff accomodation. 

Ground Captain, Daniel Hunt says, "Both our whānau and themselves make sacrifices and being able to provide them with this sort of infrastructure and developing this community is only going to help us be a force for New Zealand."

The iwi development has been praised by city leaders at a time when Auckland faces a housing shortage. 

Accommodation ranges from three bedroom homes to apartments.

Mayor Phil Goff told Te Kāea, "Good quality homes, completed on time to a very high standard. That makes me as mayor feel real good because what this city needs is more housing."

It also means iwi will have the Crown as their tenant.