Jacinda Ardern: Level 4 protocol prevents thousands of NZ deaths

By Bronson Perich

The PM addressed the nation today and reiterated the importance of the level 4 restrictions.

"If we didn’t do that, then thousands of New Zealanders would die.

"It's as simple as that," the PM says.

The PM also denounced price rises unnecessary food price raises today. However it is not illegal to raise food prices in times of crisis. So the PM reminded businesses to be fair in their business dealings.

“If a business gives a reason for a price increase, it must be true,” the PM says.

“Otherwise, the business risks breaking the Fair Trading Act, and this will be enforced.”

Due to the increased demand for goods, the PM says that the government is considering revising Easter trade rules so that essential services can restock empty shelves. She promised to confirm the governments' position tomorrow.

To that end, the PM announced that shoppers can report price-gouging by writing to pricewatch@mb.govt.nz. She then asked shoppers to send all information on price-gouging to this email address so that government officials can investigate.

Regarding the latest tangihanga restrictions, the PM did not comment on the specifics, but expressed empathy for the bereaved.

“The last thing I want is grief on grief,” the PM concludes.

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