Jason Momoa visits Mauna Kea in solidarity

By Leo Horgan

Momoa arrives at Mauna Kea (Source: Hawaii News Now)

Hawai'ian actor Jason Momoa has visited Mauna Kea in a show of solidarity with indigenous protectors as they fight to prevent the construction of a thirty metre telescope on the sacred mountain.

Momoa, star of Aquaman and Game of Thrones, stood shoulder to shoulder with the leaders of the movement and addressed the crowd at a press conference today.

“I wanted to come out today because I wanted to first-hand be here to stand with our protectors," says Momoa.

"I wanted to bring my team to come up here and interview everyone that I could and spread my awareness around the world because I don’t want to be on a ten second snippet on [media outlet] KHON talking about how much I Iove our land.

"So forgive me if I don’t say everything right now but I will be talking to everyone and I’m here for the solutions."

The visit follows news that Governor of Hawai'i, David Ige has delayed the construction deadline of the telescope by two years, in a temporary victory for the protectors.

Momoa was at pains to point out that the indigenous movement was not anti-science, but rather pro-indigenous rights.

"We guided ourselves by the stars, I don’t believe that we’re all here… we love science, it’s not because of that, it’s because of the desecration of our land.

"I’m interested in solutions, but there’s one thing that’s not going to happen – they’re not building it here – but we are interested in helping and finding [solutions], aren’t we?"

The crowd cheered their support.