Job seekers 'Fast Track Job Match' in Whangarei

By Dean Nathan

Getting more people into jobs before the New Year is the focus of a new initiative called 'Fast Track Job Match' held in Whangarei.

At first glance it may look like a speed dating scene from out of a movie but instead it’s an opportunity for job seekers to meet face-to-face with potential employers.

According to Te Manatu Whakahiato Ora, Regional Commissioner, Eru Lyndon, “I've even seen some of my relatives here.  Māori prefer that face-to-face interaction, and that's what we're doing here, but the main thing is to find work.” 

It is an initiative that began in the South Island but the Whangarei District Council has made its own variations to meet the needs of the people of the North.

Job seeker, Maria Harding says, “I'm currently looking at Carter Holt Harvey, I'd love to work there and you know, start from the bottom and progress my way up to the top.”

Northland has long been known as a region of unemployment but in only a few short hours, 40 people got jobs at the initial meeting, and that's bought the council and Ministry of Social Development together to foster this initiative.

Mr Lyndon says, “People across the country think there are no jobs in Northland, but today we have a range of companies here looking for staff so perhaps we need to relook at what's being said about Northland.”

It would definitely be a Christmas, dream come true for many job seekers to land a job heading into the New Year.