John Key attends Polyfest

By Heeni Brown

Aucklanders weren't the only people celebrating Polyfest's 40th Anniversary in Manukau today.

Today Prime Minister John Key made his way to the festivities and the youth weren't too shy to share their thoughts about him.

He's not shy to do the traditional Māori expression of the pūkana.

Chris Selwyn says, “It's good to know that the government is supporting the event.  They've given $200,000 to the Polyfest Trust, so that we can function in the years to come.”

Last year, the Polyfest came across some financial difficulties, but this year the government is firm in its stance, it'll continue to support the event.

John Key says, "We're just trying to make sure it's on a stronger footing."

But where there is support, there are some youth with views against the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister says it's their democratic right to do so.

"I'm more than happy to give my version of events and they'll give theirs and hey they're young people now. Why wouldn't they," says Key.

But he says it's better if their protests against him are in a respectful way.

For the last two days there have already been 30 teams that have taken the Māori stage at Polyfest, but it doesn't end there with the next day of competition continuing tomorrow with Division 2 taking the spotlight.