John Key confirms NZ plans to take on 750 Syrian refugees

By Heta Gardiner

New Zealand plans to take 750 Syrian refugees into the country.  That's according to John Key today in his weekly post cabinet meeting press conference.

The world has made the call and it has now been answered.

So when will this be executed and for how long?

John Key says, “I accept that the position is more pronounced than it was over the last week or so.”

Syrian refugees will filter through in the next three years, a measure expected to cost the government $50 million.

Key says, “As people can see, this is a pretty good contribution.  It's going to cost the better part of $50 million.  We're bringing in 750 people that are affected by this crisis.”

The Prime Minister has come to this conclusion after initially saying last week that he wouldn't be opening our doors without a review.

He said, “In the course over the last week or so, is more graphic displays of a problem that's been going on there for, let’s be blunt, a very long time.  But it's been more pronounced as people have poured into Europe.”

But in the last few days, there has been a huge amount of pressure to help out.  Cries that have come from Labour, the Māori Party and others.

Key says, “These are very serious matters and I don't want to be flippant about these things, but it is very easy for opposition parties to say, double the quota.  I heard someone over the weekend, bring 10,000 of them in.  With the greatest respect, they actually know what that would do to the system in New Zealand.

It is expected that the first 250 places will be offered within a year.