Join the social media pepehā challenge!

By Jessica Tyson

A Facebook Pepehā Challenge has been launched to help promote te reo Māori.

As part of the launch, Te Māngai Pāho and Kiwa Digital have released a Pepehā App to help learners write their pepehā.

Eight videos by the web series Hahana have also been launched to explain pepehā and feature a range of people learning or reciting their pepehā.

Participants are being asked to share their videos on social media using the hashtag#1miriona.

Te Māngai Pāho CEO Larry Parr says the #1miriona campaign was the first significant initiative by the agency to use social media as a tool to promote te reo Māori.

"The number of people being exposed to information that is disseminated by social media channels is too big to ignore," says Parr.

"Utilising the hashtag #1miriona provides the opportunity to build an online audience that we, together with our partners, can take on a te reo Māori learning journey.”

The launch of the challenge is the second part of Te Māngai Pāho’s campaign to promote te reo Māori after The Great Te Māngai Pāho Video Challenge was launched last weekend.

“We are pleased and excited by the initial response to the Te Māngai Pāho Video challenge,” says Parr.

The release is in line with the government's goal of having one million kiwis speaking some Māori by 2040.