Jojo Waaka - Entertainer and comedian mourned

Much loved Te Arawa entertainer Jojo Waaka has been brought back onto her ancestral meeting house following her sudden death yesterday in Rotorua. The daughter of late Reverend Te Napi Tūtewehiwehi Waaka has welcomed onto Te Takinga Marae where she will remain until Monday.

Close to five hundred people gathered to farewell Jojo Waaka.

Muriwai Ihakara (Te Arawa) says, “Her sub-tribe of Hōhōwai is in mourning our canoe has become unsteady also keeping in mind that it's only been a month snice the death of her father as well as Te Uru o Te Whetu.”

Miss Waaka (Jojo) was known for her performing prowess and ability to entertain the crowd and it all began here on her marae, Te Takinga. 

Raimona Pene (Ngāti Pikiao, Te Arawa) says, “Amusing! That's what we call people like her, she was an amusing, cheeky and intelligent women. That's why she was loved because she never spoke a bad word.”

Jojo Waaka was 27 years of age. She has now joined her father whose recent death was felt greatly by this community.

Muriwai Ihakara (Te Arawa) says, “She was her father's daughter, an entertainer, comedian just like Napi.” 

Jojo Waaka will be buried on Monday. The funeral service will be at 11am.