Jones plans party after being cleared

The report was published at the beginning of this month and cleared Shane Jones of any corruption while in the role of Associate Immigration Minister in 2008.

Today authors of the report which cleared Shane Jones came to answer questions. The Government MP's seized the opportunity and went on a fishing expedition. Their bait was the single file note written by Shane Jones regarding his citizenship decision for Bill Liu.  

However as hard as they tried they couldn't reel in the big one, instead their lacklustre grilling was a sign perhaps they've been sitting in the comfy chairs too long. 

Soon after came the opposition's jibe regarding the fact National MP at the time Pansy Wong sent a letter in support of the Chinese millionaire and they ran out of ammunition.

Meanwhile Shane Jones wasn't fazed by the select committee, he was busy planning and preparing for his party looking ahead to what seems a now bright and much happier future with the Labour Party..

Lazarus is the new nick-name for this MP. A man that fell hard only to rise again.