Joseph Parker: Title fight out of reach

By Bronson Perich
Joseph Parker. Source/File.

Former WBO heavyweight Champion Joseph Parker says that though he is happy with his win against Shawndell Winters in the weekend, he could have won sooner.

“Maybe 60%, 50%... because I know I can box better than that.”

Parker is known for his speed and long reach, which means that he can ‘box’ his opponents at range without endangering himself. He explained the effect of changing to a close range ‘brawler’ style had on the outcome.  

“I know if I did box, you know, at range, I could’ve caught him earlier,” Parker says.

This is Parkers’ first fight since a spider bite stopped him from facing Zimbabwean born Derek Chisora last year. He is hoping to get back in the ring soon.

“May would be cool, or June. May/June!”

“Hopefully we can lock someone in who’s up there,” Parker says.

While Parker didn’t name someone in particular, he is open to fighting former undisputed Cruiserweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk who recently vacated his titles to become a heavyweight.

Kevin Barry. Source/File.

Parkers’ trainer Kevin Barry wished that his fighter had been more patient and kept at range. The veteran trainer said that he implored Parker to return to a long ranged fight, working off his double jab. He felt that his fighter had rejected his advice, Parker being confident that he could win up close.

He lamented on Parkers’ defence, which left him open to Winters’ combinations that cut Parker above his right eye – his first cut in years.

“We haven’t had a cut in years and years and years and we get a cut today!”

However Barry and Parker remain positive that they can return to the heights that they once occupied.

“We got a nice knockout victory,” Barry concludes.