Judith Collins confident National will keep Auckland Central and Rangitata

By Bronson Perich

National Party leader Judith Collins admits she was disappointed when Nikki Kaye resigned. Collins says Kaye had supported her as they worked together, and was hoping that would continue.

“Nikki Kaye standing down is a big disappointment. I’m a big fan of Nikki,” Judith Collins says.

Although the party has yet to nominate candidates for Auckland Central and Rangitata, Collins says they have no shortage of competent candidates.

“I believe we’ll be able to win both seats. We’ll be able to retain them,” Collins says.

“What we’ll be able to do is make sure that the people of both electorates are well served.”

Green Party number 3 Chloe Swarbrick - Photo / Provided

Green Party Auckland Central candidate Chloe Swarbrick says she is the best left-wing candidate for the vacant seat.

"I have actually found it rather grotesque, dealing with folks, particularly from a larger party, that feel entitled to a seat!"

Despite being number three on the Green Party list, NZ’s youngest MP is not taking anything for granted. 

"Labour is guaranteed to get into Parliament. The Greens, we're hoping and we're fighting for the party vote to do that. Nobody is entitled to this seat.

"If people say that we should unite behind the most progressive, left-wing candidate - I absolutely agree with that."

With that in mind, Swarbrick threw down the gauntlet and called Labour Party Auckland Central candidate Helen White to a debate. She wants the opportunity to prove to her constituents, that she is the candidate left-wing voters should unite behind. Helen White informed Te Ao Māori News that she stands ready.

"I am keen to debate with all of Auckland Central's candidates," White says.

"I love to debate! I'm a lawyer! I'm a litigator!"

Their first debate is on August 3, at Auckland University.

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