Junior Warriors feel the burn

By Harata Brown

The 45-man Junior Warriors league squad has just completed a training camp which was held at Camp Morley in Clarks Beach, a seaside settlement on the south-western outskirts of Auckland.

The unique schedule was designed by a former Army trainer, who says the main objective is to push players to their absolute limits, so that they'll dig deep to strengthen their discipline and team work.

Senior player Konrad Hurrell from the Warriors says that the camp was one of the hardest he has ever had to endure.

He also says that the duration of the exercises provides quite the mental test.

According to Konrad Hurrell, “It's taken me to a new level in everything, mental, physical, pretty much everything.”

The coaches said this was an opportune time for the players to equip and prepare themselves for this year's U20 Holden Cup competition.