Kaea Pearce gets up close with JLo at AMAs

By Wepiha Te Kanawa

18-year-old dancer, Kaea Pearce from South Auckland had the opportunity of a life time performing on stage with music superstar Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards.

But it was an intimate moment Kaea shared with the Latin super star that had social media buzzing.

Kaea (Ngāpuhi) says, “I got the opportunity to kiss JLo cheek, it was pretty cool, as soon as we finished the performance we watched the footage and I was so happy with it, then I went on Instagram and there was like pictures and pictures of that moment and I was like omg I didn't think I went that hundy.”

Kaea has danced her way from the living room all the way to the AMA stage.  Plucked from South Auckland, she now is off to share the stage with Korean superstar, CL.

“I've been to America a lot of times, the Philippines, Australia, all over Europe and yeah it's pretty insane,” said Kaea.

With a feature film and a couple of music videos under her belt, Kaea says she still has more work to do.

“My main goal is Beyonce, that's like at the top of the list I want to achieve that one day so my biggest goal is to dance for someone like Rihanna or Beyonce so hopefully one day it will happen fingers crossed,” added Kaea.

Recently returned from Los Angeles, Kaea is back home in Auckland for one night before travelling to Korea to perform at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.